Edge Computing Supports New Strategies, New Players


The construction of a Flexenclosure eCentre, which is deployed at edge telecom sites in remote areas around the world. (Photo: Flexencloosure)LinkedinTwitterFacebookSubscribeComputing is moving to the edge of the network. What will this look like? What’s becoming clear is that edge computing comprises a broad spectrum of technologies and use cases, creating the potential for different use cases and strategies, for end users and service providers alike.At Data Center Frontier, we continue to track edge computing, and how it will change the way we deploy IT infrastructure. Read on for a window into today’s trends in edge computing, as well as new data center initiatives that are turning to “the edge”:Big Picture Trends in Edge ComputingThe Evolution of Edge Computing: A Look at the Road Ahead: Data center providers are seeking to clarify their strategies for the edge. In a complex, multi-tier edge landscape, there will likely be many flavors of success.Edge is Eating Away at the Cloud, and The Data Center Will Benefit: Edge computing installations will be distributed, denser versions of traditional data centers. They will support new applications and services, and send data – and business – back to core data centers.How Businesses Are Targeting the EdgeCompanies continue to launch initiatives focused on edge computing. This includes a range of service providers, telecom companies, and larger businesses like LinkedIn, which has begun deploying edge data centers in anticipation of a massive layer of “EdgeCloud” infrastructure.Here are some of the latest stories from Data Center Frontier that outline expansive moves in the edge computing and colocation industry…………..

Source: Edge Computing Supports New Strategies, New Players